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3rd Kent Expo – Urbanism and City Demands Fair, organized by İZFAŞ, gathers the latest urbanization technologies, applications and the best solutions for expectations. Kent Expo provides a platform for municipalities to attain the latest technologies as well as the firms to present themselves primarily to the municipalities and all other applicants.
The theme has been decided for this year’s fair is Water and Sewerage Administration where the partners will share their products, knowledge and experiences. Under the scope of this theme, the aim is to attract attention for protection of rapidly draining of natural sources, water and sewerage administration without harming the environment and human health. Renewable and sustainable energy sources and administrational perspective and solutions will be presented to the municipalities in Kent Expo – Urban ism and City Demands Fair. The fair’s partner country, Hungary, will be in the fair with a solid participation, projects and partnerships.
This year, Kent Expo fair will be organized simultaneously with “International Sustainable Water Management Congress” by joint organization of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Izmir Water & Sewerage Administration (IZSU) and Izmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs (İZFAŞ).

National and international experienced specialist and decision makers will gather within the scope of the congress. For the detailed information about the congress: